About Salseros Club

What is the Salseros Club?

This is not just another salsa website. This is our Global Salsa Community, online. This is YOUR website. We will add features and useful resources constantly. We will translate it to as many languages as possible as time goes by. For now, it consists of three main components:

1) Social Network, aka Sozial; this is kinda like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook; but better, because it's ours. Here is where we find each other, stay in touch and meet new Salseros.

2) Salsa Finder
; this is, well, a Salsa Finder... Here you can look at a map and find a bunch of cool places to go dance. Remember the last time someone asked "Anyone know of any places to dance in "bla bla bla?" Well, this is the answer. It's pretty awesome, and it's 100% organic and contains 0 calories.

3) Salseros Boutique, coming soon; an online store filled with cool, hand-picked stuff for Salseros. Everything in the store was picked with the Salseros' needs in mind: for nice and sweaty, and some times dirty Salsa dancing.

So, JOIN your friends and the rest of the Salseros of the world.

The goals:

·      to bring all Salseros around the world together in one spot
·      to be hospitable, supportive, and respectful to existing and new dancers
·      to find local spots to dance in your town or in your travels
·      to grow, and help each other grow
·      to meet more dancers and stay connected
·      to make Salsa and the worldwide community stronger
·      to make your Salsa life more exciting and fun

 Who is involved?
The Salseros Club is brought to you by the letter "C" and, was put together and will be maintained by Salseros, for Salseros. No politics, no favoritism, not trying to get rich out of this, just dancers. Everything here was created with YOU in mind. Because YOU are what's important. You ARE the Salseros Club.
You can meet the team below.

Salseros Club Honor Code

Be respectful

Please respect your fellow Salseras and Salseros. Destructive criticism is not welcome.
There are minors in the site, please be responsible with your posts and comments. Please keep it clean. Inappropriate content will not be tolerated.

Keep an open mind

We all have different opinions and view the world in different ways. The beauty of being humans is having the opportunity to learn from others and our surroundings to become better individuals. Express yourself in a constructive manner and let’s learn from each other.

Keep it Salsa

It’s great that some of you dance other styles of dance, and are probably very excited about it. Nevertheless, this is the Salseros Club and its focus is Salsa. We also know that your pet is super fluffy and cute, and want to show everyone, but please contain yourself.

Report abuse

This is your website, please help us keep it free of any offensive material. Contact Us
 and we will remove any inappropriate content immediately.

Do not pollute or Spam
Just because others pollute does not mean we have to do the same. Please do not post garbage from other sites. If you must, do it here.
 Do not spam or post several copies of the same information all over the place. We like to be informed of what is going on, not yelled at. Please remember: a clean place is not one you clean up every day, a clean place is one you don't soil. Thank you for understanding.

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Software Support
We make every attempt to provide an easy-to-use and bug-free Salsero experience. If you find any issues please Contact Us

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Special Thanks to:
Armando Infanzon, IKP, Salsero from San Diego, California

Joey Rudisill, Salsero from San Diego, California

Natasha Tia, Salsera from San Diego, California